Thursday, June 28, 2007

Leadership Conference

Well, congratulations to Harriet Harman. Not the result many people anticipated but she clearly worked hard until the last minute and it will be good to have a woman as Deputy Leader.

The weekend went well. Starting with my local Branch Labour Party out canvassing and leafleting on Saturday morning. Five of us (and eighteen month old Ben) managed to cover a good bit of ground and we'll carry on until next May 1st. May Day would be a good day to regain the ward for Labour.

Saturday evening was a barbecue organised by Hazel Blears' supporters. It was a barbecue with surprisingly good food and surprisingly strong cider!

There was a National Executive Committee meeting on Sunday morning at which we received the details of plans by Gordon Brown to improve our policy making - a key priority for much of the new leadership.

The Conference in the afternoon was well attended and it was good to see Neil Kinnock there. Like other NEC members I was disturbed that the result was on the TV before it was announced to the Conference and I'm sure we'll be asking questions about that. Disappointed that Hazel went out first but she's' been prepared to fight her corner and she'll come out of this stronger.

Harriet topped the poll amongst ordinary members in every round so in a way its good to see the members' choice come through.

It's important now that we get on to the campaigning side of things - we can't rely on the Tories to beat themselves but even now its clear that up against a politician of Gordon Brown's substance, David Cameron just looks lightweight.

On Sunday night we'd arranged for Radio 5 to broadcast their political programme from our pub in Salford - The Crescent. BBC put on the food and with plenty of Labour people popping down through the evening, we gave the Beeb a different sort programme and a warm welcome to their new Salford home. Much of the BBC will be moving to Salford in 4 years time.

Anyway - weekend over and its time to more forward.

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