Friday, June 08, 2007

Liverpool - The People's Hustings

Thursday saw the Deputy Leadership election hustings in Liverpool. The venue was Hope University in Everton and there was an excellent turnout of over 300. The format was the now standard one of a speech and then question and answers with Gordon, followed by speeches from, and questions to, the Deputy candidates.

They are all bearing up well under the strain and there is a good discussion going on about the future course of the Party. This sort of debate and activity is precisely what the party needs.
It was good to see the hustings in Liverpool. Originally the Party had not scheduled a husting in the North West but pressure from North West members did the trick and its good to see the Party listening to the members in this way.

Thanks to USDAW for their support for the event and the North West staff for the hard work they put into building the event.

As you can see we took a coachload from Salford and ended up with a lengthy post match analysis in "The Crescent" afterwards.

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