Thursday, April 12, 2007

Workers' Memorial Day Saturday 28th April 2007

Every year the Trade union movement throughout the world remembers those who have died at work and commits itself to campaign for greater legislation and enforcement.

Details of events can be found on the TUC website. I will be at the joint union rally starting at 11.00 a.m. in the Peace Gardens behind Manchester Town Hall.

At least 30,000 major workplace injuries are reported every year - its important we keep the political pressure up on this issue.

Mobile Pub Quiz

Thursday night saw us take a break from campaigning to raise much needed funds and have a social.

Our mobile pub quiz saw us taking in four pubs with questions about the pubs and buildings along the route. Hazel Blears, our MP, was with us and received a great welcome along the way. Her campaign to save Hope Hospital Maternity Unit may not have gone down well with the powers that be and the Tory party but it has been popular with the people that matter to us - her constituents in Salford.

Anyway a good time seemed to be had by all, John from Worsley won the quiz and received a "Nuts About Hazel" t-shirt and more money was raised for our election fund.

Manchester Withington

The party in Withington made a key selection the weekend before last. From an all women shortlist made up of very good candidates, they overwhelmingly picked LUCY POWELL to fight the next election.

The Liberal Democrats have a majority of around 400 which was gained on the back of a totally baseless and despicable scare campaign that Christies Hospital was to close. Surprise, surprise its still here - because it never was going to close.

Anyway Lucy is just the sort of candidate we need to win the seat back - its one of the few seats where being a City fan is an asset! Watch out for Labour Gain Manchester Withington! on election night.

Claremont Ward

With Nomination Day now passing, we have Liberal Democrat, Conservative and BNP opposition. In the usual confused way of these things the Tory candidate is an ex Liberal Democrat Councillor for the ward and the sitting Liberal Democrat has decided our ward's not good enough for him, so he's standing in the neighbouring ward.

Following boundary changes a couple of years ago the ward is not as marginal as it was but the confusion amongst the Anti-Labour vote and the fact that the sitting councillor has done a runner could give us a real chance this year.

I know everyone is busy elsewhere but if you're at a loose end and need some leafleting or canvassing to do - just call me on 07880 790182.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Yesterday was the deadline for nominations in the local elections. Here in Salford, for the first time in a long time, the Tories will be fielding a candidate in every sent most of whom will be coming in last.

Worrying though is the number of extreme right candidates - 5 BNP, 1 English Democrat and 2 UKIP.

Steve Race and myself are working hard to regain our wards from the Liberal Democrats. If anyone has spare time on their hands please contact me on 07880 790182 and we'll be happy to welcome you onto our campaign team.


Spent two days last week in Gateshead on behalf of the NEC trying to sort out a dispute involving Local Government Selections and All Women Shortlists.

Won't go into the details as the NEC need to consider the issue in detail. My only comment is that its sad when we get ourselves in a position where we are bitterly fighting each other, rather than our political opponents.

Given our financial difficulties we are going to have to manage more of the constitutional staff ourselves as party members. It's neither fair nor realistic to expect the Party staff to resolve every issue and we're just going to have to change the way we work in the future.


Ellie Reeves and myself are asking members for the views on how the English local, Scottish and Welsh elections are going.

We've had a good response but please keep them coming in as we will be preparing a full report before the NEC meeting on 20th May 2007.


Ellie Reeves:

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