Saturday, October 02, 2010

NEC Elections

I forgot to take the lap-top to conference so haven't been able to put anything on the blog until now. Many of you will know that I didn't get re-elected to the NEC. I got 28,752 votes(Thank you very much) but would have needed 30,826 to be re-elected.
Congratulations to those who did get elected and commiserations to those who didn't.

The turn-out was up from 20% or so to nearly 72% due to the election being held at the same time as the leadership and London mayoral elections. Given that 1/3 of the membership now live in London that appears to have skewed the results - meaning that all 6 elected to the CLP section are from London or the Home Counties. Whilst some of those elected are good fiends of mine and very hard workers it cannot be a good thing that there is no representation from other parts of England, let alone Scotland or Wales - but we will return to that subject again.

For now - thanks to everyone who supported me, it really is very much appreciated. I have tried to do an honest job over the last 6 years. I haven't always got it right but have always tried to put the Party and the members first. I have met some smashing people during my travels and have not claimed a penny in expenses for the work and travel involve.

I will be standing next time and the campaign starts now. We shall overcome