Saturday, March 10, 2012

Labour Action in Eccles

Sometimes you have to roll-up your sleeves and do it yourself. It kept being drawn to my attention that the signpost on Wellington Road in Eccles was the filthiest in town.
Something needed to be done - so Eccles Labour Party leapt into action with a ladder, a bucket and some detergent. It's a lot better now - but I realised it's in the wrong place and pointing in the wrong direction - that's a job for another day.

Campaign to win

Salford Mayoral selection is now over - thanks to everyone for their support. Glad I stood - it was important to make the case for a real change in how the Council engages with people.
Commiserations to John, congratulations to Ian - now let's win the elections in May.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Don't forget the rally in Manchester

Andrew Lansleys' Bill is at a critical stage

Ahead of crucial votes in the House of Lords th NWTUC, NWUNISON and the Labour Party have organised a rally to 'SAVE OUR NHS'

Saturday 3rd March 2012, 11am

Albert Square

Show your support for the NHS and demand that the Government Drop the Bill