Friday, December 31, 2010

Oldham East and Saddleworth

Went over to Saddleworth on Tuesday delivering New Year leaflets. There is no doubt that we can and should win the election well but we need as much help as possible. The recent weather has certainly made campaigning difficult and the Lib Dems are banking on the absence of a tory campaign coupled with winter weather leading to a low turnout.

Voters are really angry about the broken promises of both lib dems and tories but it is up to us to encourage them to get out and vote.

So after tonights festivities make a New Year resolution to get over and help. The address is Bizspace,Delph New Road, Delph OL3 5DE. If you need help with directions give me a ringon 07880 790182. See you there

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Not been on for a while due to a combination of looking for a job, decorating and trying to get selected and campaigning in Oldham- of which more another time.

Over the coming year I will try to put up some information that should be of interest to Labour members and supporters campaigning against this conservative Government.

I will also continue to campaign for the voice of ordinary members of the Labour Party to be listened to more often.Sadly it's too often the case that lip-service is paid to listening to the members but in practice the "Powers that be" make all the decisions because they "know best".
We have to remond them that the Labour Party is a democratic party and, far from being a problem, that is one of it's strengths.

Enough of that for now- Merry Christmas to everyone and lets stick it to the Tories and their friends in the New Year.