Friday, June 08, 2007

Deputy Leader - Its Up To You

Ballot papers are now landing on people's mats and the decision is in the hands of the members.

As you know I'm voting for Hazel Blears. All the other candidates have good things to be said about them but for me Hazel has the unique blend of enthusiasm, ability, experience and thorough-going commitment to the Labour movement which will help us to a fourth General Election victory.

I'll be giving my second preference to Alan Johnson who has good Labour and Trade Union credentials and a good political grasp but the important thing is that members actually vote. At the NEC elections only 20% of members voted and low turn-outs like that discredit the Party.

So - make sure you use your vote, get behind the winning leadership team and, after June 24th, let's show both the Tories and Liberal Democrats how a campaigning Labour Party can deliver.

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