Friday, June 15, 2007

Leadership Conference

The Leadership Conference will be held in Manchester on Sunday 24th June. It promises to be an interesting "set piece" event and there will be lots of media interest as it will mark the start of Gordon Brown's Prime Ministership.

It's also got to near the end of the recent period of hiatus and see the party organisation moving on to the first foot in terms of preparation for the General Election. What we don't need is the sort of "reorganisations" which change nothing and confuse everybody.

What we do need is change, to the Policy Forum procedure which ensures it engages much more with our members and a clear emphasis on building of our organisation on the ground and in the regions. We won’t be able to out spend the Tories next time but we can out work them with the commitment of our volunteers.

If anyone is coming to the conference and want tips on where to stay feel free to contact me on 07880 790182.

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