Monday, June 04, 2007

Deputy Leader Hustings

Manchester Central

On Thursday 31st May 2007 Manchester Central CLP organised a hustings for the Deputy Leader elections. There was a good turnout of over 50 and the CLP had decided not to make a nomination so it was in the nature of a discussion.

Peter Hain and John Cruddas were there in person. Hazel had a pre-arranged meeting in South London so I stood in for her. Ivan Lewis MP spoke for Alan Johnson, Tom Levett MP for Hilary Benn and Jack Dromy spoke on behalf of Harriet Harman.

To be honest I should have been in bed as I'd just come down badly with man flu but didn't want to let Hazel down - I just hope I didn't give it to anybody.

It was a good, comradely debate and if it carries on like this (famous last words!) it will be very close at the end. My financial consultants say if you can still back Hazel at 6-1 - you'd be mad not to!

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