Monday, July 02, 2007

Here's To The Next Ten Years . . .

Ten years after we won the General Election Tony Blair leaves office and Gordon Brown moves into 10 Downing Street. He inherits a Britain in a much better state than 1997. It is a better place to live then it was then.

Gordon's' new cabinet shows that he's preparing for the next ten years. Interesting to see Shaun Woodward in the cabinet and the promotions of James Purnel and Andy Durham are welcome rewards for talent and hard work. Good to see Hazel at Communities and Local Government - her experience in Salford will stand her in good stead.

Nice to see John Denham back and I thought the appointment of Jacqui Smith as home Secretary was inspired. Very competent but re-assuring as well - and a very nice person. (Personally I just hope she's not as keen on ID cards as the press suggest.)

Most of the messages about the first few days look good - the only mistake was not to find a role for Stuart Pearce in the Ministry of Sport.

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