Wednesday, February 21, 2007

NEC Meeting - 30/1/07

The NEC meeting was held on 30th January 2007.

Main issues covered included:

1) Tony Blair's Report

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of keeping our focus on the Government's achievements - crime down, education results up and massive cuts in NHS waiting times. We need to keep the pressure on the Tories who face both ways on all the big economic and political questions.

Issues that NEC members brought up included military aid to the Columbian Army, the welcome agreement on ensure ALL workers receive the full eight days bank holiday and the need for progress on the Corporate Manslaughter legislation.

2) The Foreign Secretary

Margaret Beckett reported on many of the issues being discussed in relation to Trident replacement and other international issues. I raised the importance of a Middle East Settlement and the worrying position in the Palestinian Authority.

On Trident myself and Ellie Reeves have consulted widely and all submissions are being forwarded to the Policy Department and the Britain and the World Policy Commission.

3) Leader / Deputy Leader Elections

It was reported that guidelines for these elections would be brought to the March NEC and that guidelines to ensure neutrality had been issued to all staff.

Concern was expressed that some staff names had been included on the campaign team of one candidate. We were assured that this was a mistake by that campaign team and the staff were very upset to have been included in this way. Having spoken to some of them I'm perfectly convinced they are acting in an impartial fashion.

4) Party Funding

It was agreed that all candidates would be levied - 15% on all donations.

The Hayden Phillips discussions are ongoing but expected to come to a conclusion soon. We stand resolute against any proposals which would sever the Party / Union link.
We also received full reports on finance and this year's elections.

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