Thursday, February 15, 2007

Branch Happenings

I've reported before on how we're on a back to basics campaign in our branch. There's a lot of things in the Labour Party we struggle to change a lot of things but we should be able to improve our branches and CLP activities and meetings.

For us, the branch meetings had all but collapsed so the Secretary and myself decided to get the basics right (book speaker, book room, agendas out early, etc) and try to visit every member personally. Not rocket science but so far its working - reasonably good turnout for both the January and February meetings with plenty of political discussion. Now we're in a good position to recruit, knowing people won't be put off if they actually come to a meeting.

The same process is yielding results in other parts of Salford. Irwell Riverside had their biggest meeting for years at a speaker meeting in a friendly pub. It can be done!

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