Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hazel for Deputy

Just back from the meeting to launch Hazel's deputy leadership campaign. Smashing meeting, done just right. Launched in Salford (not Westminster). Support from MPs and MEPs, also lots of CLP members, councillors and local community reps - with lots of young people.

After the meeting we had an hours canvassing for the local elections. Just what the Labour Party should be.

If you think about, we are a lucky party. We have six excellent candidates to choose from. So let's have a positive campaign and a proper discussion about our values and the direction of the Party. Let us also make sure we keep focussed on governing the country and winning elections. What we don't need is a navel gazing exercise.

For me there is no decision to make. Hazel has my full support. She is a breath of freash air, positve, dynamic, modern in outlook and rooted in the Labour community she was born in. Hazel will be a real asset as the Deputy Leader.

Come on Hazel!

For more information on Hazel's campaign please visit:

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