Saturday, May 01, 2010

General Election Day 24 Thursday

Its the day of the big showdown and a lot hangs on the result of the televised contest tonight-can Liverpool beat Madrid by 2 clear goals and get through to the Europa cup final? There will also be the final leaders debate at which I am sure Gordon will do very well and one of the others will then 'win' it. Its a bit like City playing at Old Trafford-the Ref might give you a decision but not very often and not when it matters!

I spent a few hours in Ellesmere Port leafletting, this was not the day to discover that both my shoes had holes in. It was pouring!

Then I went to Liverpool to help at Wavertree- same story as everywhere else- lots of keen party members putting in an incedible amount of effort and a good feeling on the streets. Meanwhile the Lib Dems fight their usual campaign of quarter truths and distortions. I am always amazed when the London media present the libs as some sort of squeaky clean political newcomers-why dont they speak to people in Liverpool, Rochdale or any Northern town who could tell them the truth.

In the evening I went to a UNITE election rally in Liverpool where John Prescott was as good as ever.

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