Sunday, May 09, 2010

What next?

Last weeks election was a major event for all of us in the Labour Party.We fought back from the brink- seeing off the Cleggmaniacs and denying the Tories the majority government they had taken for granted for so long. That will make it so much harder for them to roll back the welfare state in the way they intended.

However, we paid a heavy price, losing 96 seats and its vital that party members have a say in the important decisions being taken over the coming days and months.

As one of your NEC members I am always available to come to meetings and hear your views-just call me on 07880 790182.

I am also arranging a series of meetings for members and supporters to come and discuss their views.

The first will be on Saturday, 15th May at Manchester Town Hall at 11am. Tony Lloyd MP and Lucy Powell will be there and all party members and supporters will be welcome

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