Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The fightback starts now

Down to London for the organisation committee and NEC briefing. News breaking last night about a possible deal with the Lib Dems has provoked much comment from the members and we need to see the detail of any proposals. I worry that we don't have the numbers to carry it off- as we learned in the late '70's, relying on the SNP isn't the best place to be!

First we have a meeting of the Organisation Committee. Well earned thanks to the members and staff and genuinely meant tributes-I make sure the unions and' Mirror' get a mention as well.

I also press the importance of allowing CLP's to endorse the candidate they have and get them campaigning as soon as possible-providing they are happy with them! Alternatively we need to start selecting as soon as possible. We also need to persuade MP.s who dont want to carry on to let their party know in good time. There were exceptional circumstance last time but late resignations last time could well have lost us half a dozen seats and led to members rights being compromised in a number of seats.

Then at four o'clock we had the NEC. We heard a report from Gordon on the current situation and that the Libdems had asked for talks with us. Clearly we need to explore any possibility of preventing the tory onslaught on public services- a view strongly endorses by the trade union reps on the NEC. It was agreed that the result of any talks go to the Clause Five committee for agreement, including National Policy Forum members and Trade Unionists. There is little doubt in my mind that agreement could have been reached but Nick Clegg preferred to deal with the Tories. His so-called principles about Trident, immigration or Tuition feesw didn't last long when office came calling!

So then it was time for a very moving and emotional speech from Gordon, the man has more integrity than the lot of them put together.

Its a sad day for the british people when Cameron walks through the door of Number Ten-we have to ensure he's not there long and we come back strong.

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