Sunday, May 09, 2010

General Election Day 31 Thursday

The Big Day. I'm up near dawn to get over to Withington-everything well under control. Throughout the day there are hundreds of party members coming in with great support from USDAW members and students in particular. Its looking close but promising-we will soon know.

In the afternoon its back to Salford for me and we have teams out in every part of the city. we work until nearly the close of poll- when our sheets run out we head off to the count at Buille Hill school-council insisting on photo ID-not sure thats legal,wiil check for next time.

There has been a clear firming up of the labour vote over the last couple of days. The count seems to last longer than the count but our Agent, Ray has done a great job of organising the Scrutineers and its soon clear we have a very comfortable majority. Its also clear we are doing well in the local elections but there is mixed news from around the country. its funny seeing the tories looking as sick as chips, they came to celebrate and now look down in the dumps.

Result declared at about 5.15 am and we have a majority of just under 6000-more than i expected. Then its the familiar post election dawn drive home,bottle of beeer and fall asleep on the couch watching results come in -big surprise is just how badly the Lib Dems are doing.

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