Thursday, April 29, 2010

General Election Day 23 Wednesday

Went to the Workers Memorial Day rally in Manchester to commemorate all those killed at work-often because safety has been scrimped on to increase profit. I learnt that the Tories plan to allow big firms to have their own private health and safety audit and then prevent the Health and Safety executive inspecting. Supposedly cutting back on red tape-actually a recipe for more deaths and injuries at work. Workplace deaths are down 75% since the 1980's but 180 people are still killed at work every year

Then we heard about the incident in Rochdale. What can you say? everyone makes mistakes at times, if I had a pound for every mistake I'd made I could pay off all the Labour Party's debts. The response on the doorsteps wasn't too bad, most people just saying it only proves he's human.

The trick now is to forget the distractions, do well in the debate tonight and then push for every vote for the next 7 days-those votes are there to be had. Me, I am now off to Liverpool Wavertree

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