Thursday, April 29, 2010

General Election Day 21 Monday

Spent the whole day in Salford leafletting-getting fed up with the media obsession with process,hung parliaments and hypothetical situations. Its important we dont get sucked into this sideline but concentrate on the politics- ensuring the economy doesn't fall back into recession, meeting the needs of an ageing population, tackling our housing problems. Keep the debate on policy and we win.

I am also concerned that the first NEC meeting after the election is not until May 18th. If any important decisions need to be made its essential that the party is fully involved and for that reason I have asked the General Secretary if we can bring the meeting forward by a week.

After canvassing we went for a meal at the Agra Fort in Ellesmere Port. It had been specially prepared for us by Mrs Miah for the party workers and really was excellent-many,many thanks!

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