Monday, April 26, 2010

General Election Day 20 Sunday

Making good progress with postal vote leaflets, it certainly gets you out in the fresh air!

Incensed by the news that the civil service feel it appropriate to insult the Roman Catholic church in preparing for the Popes visit. Anyone who knows me knows its a long time since I have been a practicing catholic but I passionately believe all faiths should be treated with respect, even, and perhaps especially, if you disagree with their teachings.

When I was growing up we always knew there was a nasty strain of anti-catholicism in the british ruling circles (based largely on the fact that we were predominantly Irish and working class)-it clearly still persists!

PS apologies. I had a comment about the Lib Dem vote but being a bit clumsy(which is a little bit like saying Elvis Presley was alright at singing) I managed to delete it by accident. It is right that the Alliance got more in 1983, my point was that the Liberals came from nowhere in 1974 to get 19% then disappeared witin a couple of years.

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