Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Streatham CLP - 31st January 2008

Taking advantage of the fact that I was in London anyway I was able to get along to speak at the Streatham CLP meeting and give my NEC report. It makes a long day but I find it interesting - London CLPs are different from others - in a good way.

So if any other London CLPs want me to get along to them after an NEC meeting I'll do my best.
Despite what local members assured me was a low turnout (I do seem to have this effect!) it was still the best attended GC I've been to for a long time. The CLP is in the middle of a Parliamentary Selection and with London Mayor and GLA elections coming up there's clearly a lot going on. It was good to see Keith Hill MP again who is clearly enjoying life and reported back with a very distinctive style. It was a good meeting to be at, I learnt a lot and the party there has a real buzz about it. Thanks to Sean and Michelle for putting me up and good luck with the baby!

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