Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lancaster and Fleetwood

Friday night gave me a quick trip up the M6 to one of my favourite towns - Lancaster. It’s a seat we lost at the last election but boundary changes for the next election bring Fleetwood into the seat which should help tip the balance to us.

The party have selected a good local candidate in Clive Grunshaw from Fleetwood.

I gave my NEC report and we had a good discussion covering issues such as the need for "cultural" changes in the party, the Government's approach to public sector pay and how we improve policy making.

It was good to see Joan Humble MP at the meeting - Joan could have opted for selection in either seat but chose to stay with Blackpool North. Joan gained the Tory seat of Blackpool North and Fleetwood and I think she'll be in Parliament for a long time to come.

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