Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Northampton South CLP

On Friday 15th February, I went to Northampton South for their GC meeting and a fund raising curry evening.

The meeting was in the Labour club which clearly provides a lot for local youngsters. We had a good discussion about the state of the party.

For these not familiar with the local history – Northampton is a town where we’ve had a lot of difficulties internally and we lost the parliamentary seat, in the south, as well as getting hammered in local elections last year. The problems are clearly deep seated and I know enough not to make judgement without knowing all (the rest of) the facts. I do know we are going to have to sort them out if we are going to have a chance of regaining the seat and the local council.
After the meeting we has a great curry at the restaurant over the road owned by Mr Aziz, a strong party supporter from Bangladesh. If you’re ever in Northampton make a point of calling in at the Balti King on Earl Street.

Thanks Anjona for putting me up for the night.

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