Wednesday, February 20, 2008

National Executive Committee - Elections 2008

Nominations are open for the NEC elections this year. Each CLP can nominate up to six members and they have to be done before April 1st 2008.

I hope your CLP will be able to nominate me.

I can also recommend Ellie Reeves (Lewisham) for your nomination. She works really hard, speaks common sense and is a breath of fresh air on the NEC.

Other good people I know of who are standing include:

Deborah Gardiner (Isle of Wight CLP) - a real activist on the National Policy Forum, Deborah works hard in the party throughout the South of England to keep us alive in some very difficult areas. She's originally from Heywood.

Sonica Nirwal (Ealing Southall) - Sonica was the first Asian woman Council Leader in the country. She's exactly the sort of young party member we should be promoting and as a young mother she knows all about the problems of combining working life, family life and Labour politics.

Azhar Ali (Pendle) - Azhar is well known in the party in the North West and was previously Council Leader in Pendle so he knows all about tackling the Liberal Democrats.

Let me know if there are any other good members you know standing.

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