Sunday, February 19, 2012

I have a clear Vision for Salford

In May, Salford will have a directly elected Mayor. That’s what the people have voted for.
Our priority now is to make sure we have a LABOUR mayor- and to do that we need to understand why people think the Council does not listen.
Some of that criticism is unfair - in many areas the council has a great record - often it just doesn’t communicate it, but sometimes the criticism is fair - then we need to listen and act on it. The people want change and either we change things or someone else will.
I‘m seeking selection to be the Labour Mayoral candidate because I can deliver that change.I have the credentials:
· I grew up in Salford
· my children were educated here
· I joined the Labour party when I was 16
· I am an active trade unionist
· I am down to earth and plain speaking
· I can act as part of a team or speak out stubbornly for what I believe to be right
I have a clear vision of a bright future for SalfordI love this City - and more importantly, the people who make it what it is, whether they are from Irlam & Cadishead, Worsley, Eccles, Swinton or Salford - I will work hard for all of them.
If you vote for me you will be getting a Labour Mayor, committed to Labour values. I will to listen to and work with our residents to provide a better City.But it’s about more than just putting an X next to the name of a candidate (Labour Politics isn’t a spectator sport!) I want to hear your ideas about how we re-connect with local people and I would welcome your support.
We can only win with your ideas and enthusiasm. I will be organising informal meetings in every part of the city to allow members to meet me and to discuss the selection.I am proud of Labour achievements in our City and I really believe it is time for change and to renew our vision for a better City.
Please get in touch with me on 07880 790 182 or e-mail come to one of my members meetings - details to follow.Best wishes and I hope to hear from you.

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