Sunday, February 19, 2012


In last month’s referendum the people in Salford sent a clear message - They want the
Council to change. To deliver that change, Peter Wheeler told a meeting of Labour members the local Labour Party needs to change too.

“Councillors are often the unsung heroes of local government – working long hours behind the
scenes to ensure the delivery of local services. I will give as much support as I can to Councillors to enable them to do their work on behalf of the local community. And I want to see more people
from different backgrounds getting involved.

That’s why I will:

  • Move as many Council meetings to the evening as possible – making it easier for
    people in work to be Councillors

  • Put a time limit on Council meetings – the last full Council meeting took over 7 hours (in Manchester they take 2hours!)

  • Half of my Cabinet will be women - Women pay half the Council Tax in Salford, so for me it’s a case of ‘no taxation without representation’

Ever since I have been in the Labour Party I have heard talk of fair representation – it’s time to stop talking and just do it. Anyone who says I can’t find four women Councillors to be in the cabinet doesn’t know Salford women!

Salford people want change – I believe they want a Labour Council, but a Labour Council
that listens to them. I determined to give them what they want.”

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