Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fresh Face in Race for Labour Mayoral candidate

Over the next few weeks Labour Party members in Salford will be choosing their candidate
for the new post of Directly Elected Mayor.

Today, Peter Wheeler, senior Labour Party member and active Trade Unionist announced his
intention to seek selection.

Peter lives in Salford, where he grew up. His father, a former sailor in the Royal Navy, was
well known in the Ordsall and Pendleton areas, where he managed the “Worsley Hotel” and the “Flat Iron” during the 1960’s and’70’s.
He worked as a Trade Union official with the engineering union, the AEEU, which later became UNITE. Peter was also a member of Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee for 6 years from 2004-2010.

Peter said,

” I am not just a proud Salfordian, but proud of Labour’s many achievements here in
Salford- school exam results have improved, crime is down, and millions of pounds have been invested in our Salford Royal Hospital.

All of this progress is now threatened by savage cuts to both our Council finances and our
National Health Service, by a Government ruled by well-to-do Tories and LibDems who know little about what is needed in Salford.

Our Council needs to work with local Communities to deliver a high quality education for
our young people, first class care for our older people and the essential services we expect at a price we can afford. And to do that there needs to be change – listening to local people and taking action on what is needed to make their lives better.

Residents here have voted to have an elected Mayor.

I believe they want a Mayor with Labour values, and they want a Labour
Mayor who will listen to them. As a Trade Union Officer I was always prepared
to listen to people and fight their corner, that’s how I would work as a Mayor -
standing up for local people.”

Labour members throughout Salford will vote by post for their choice of candidate with
the result being announced on March 4th.

For more information contact Peter on 07880 790182 or e-mail

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