Tuesday, June 08, 2010

NEC Elections-Some good reasons to vote for Peter Wheeler

CLPs are now nominating for the NEC elections and members will receive their ballot papers in August.

I am standing for re-election and hope for your support.

On the NEC I do my best to ensure the views and opinions of members are respected. I have always been loyal to our party and its leadership-I firmly believe that unity is strength- but have never been frightened of standing my ground when I believe our members are not being properly valued.

There are a lot of good reasons I can think of to vote for me and I list four below.
1. Northern
I am the only clp rep who doesn't come from London or the home counties I do my best to
ensure that the views of members in traditional Labour areas are heard in the NEC debates.
I hope members in London and the home counties would agree that that viewpoint needs to
be represented.

2.In Touch.
I am always available by phone or E-mail if members have problems or issues to raise.
I travel the country (at my own expense) to report back meetings from Scotland to Devon,
Belfast to Ipswich and all points in between. I know its vital that we have strong representation
in every part of the country, people everywhere need Labour Councillors, Labour MPs and
Labour MEPs and without their support we will never have a Labour Government. I work
closely with friends in these areas to help re-build the party.
3. Trades Unionist
I am an active Trade Unionist. I believe Trade Unions are vital for people at work and have
always played a key role in building a fairer society.
Until last year I was a full time official for Unite, representing members in engineering and
manufacturing. I know the reality of industrial relations on the shop-floor and in the office.
The party's relationship with the unions has been crucial in keeping us alive in difficult times
and keeps us in touch with the reality of life for millions of people.
We need to strengthen our links at a local level with MPs taking a lead role in building
relations with local work-places and trade union organisations.
4. Labour
I am a down to earth, plain speaking, traditional Labour supporter. I have never been a
member of any other party-if you cut me in half you would probably find Labour written
right through me ( as well as Manchester City FC! )
I come from Salford and joined theLabour Party at the age of 16. I play a full part in my local
branch and CLP and always try to turn out for by-elections and any other campaigns. I am a
council tenant- which gives the NEC a different perspective in discussions about housing-and
live the same sort of life as millions of our supporters.
I have strong Labour values: fairness, social justice, hard work, empathy, solidarity and trying
to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance in life.
The next two years will be vital for us as a party-we need to re-group,elect a new leader, learn
the lessons of our period in Government and ,above all ,lead the campaign to protect the gains
we have made in Government.We need to ensure that the party is in a position to fight a
General Election whenever it comes and I am determined to ensure that a larger more
valued membership is fully involved in that process.

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