Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Leadership election

The party is now at the start of a crucial leadership election and its important we have a proper debate, which genuinely involves the membership. So far there has been none of the rancour that marred our 'debates' in the early '80's and its important it stays that way.
I supported the recommendations at the NEC to allow for a full debate which ends at conference. We are a little bit shackled by rules written for a different time to limit the potential for annual divisive challenges and I think there is a case for a lower threshold for nominations when we do not have an incumbent leadership. However one if the NEC's jobs is to defend the rules as agreed by Conference so I feel we had little alternative but to stick with the current arrangements.
I do feel its important though that we have the widest possible choice and I would urge MPs to take this into account when making their nominations.
Above all, lets ensure we have a spirited and comradely discussion and never take opur eyes off the fact that our job is to protect the people who will suffer most from this government.

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