Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nec Sub-Committees

On Tuesday I was down in London for my Labour Party NEC Sub-Committee meetings. They were all reasonably short meetings as Routine business is drying up in the run-up to the election. At the womens,race and equality meeting I was elected Vice-chair with responsibility for disability- anyone who wants to help me in this job can give me a ring on 07880 790182.

At the Organisation Committee we had a discussion on the events of the previous week. Its fair to say that if Capital Punishment had been an option many members would have been tempted! The one thing the whole episode shows is the solid support in the wider party for Gordons leadership-in this case Solidarity really is strength.

Had to leave the meeting early to get back to Salford for my Branch AGM.Lousy weather but a good turn-out of mainly young and committed members-we are clearly doing something right.

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