Sunday, January 10, 2010

Members deserve better

I had to put a bag on my head today when I went to Tesco's to buy a" Mail on Sunday". Its not the sort of thing I usually buy but I had heard there was an article by former Labour Party General Secretary Peter Watt.
As a former senior official of our party you would have hoped it would have been an account of how Labours policies have made Britain a better place or the importance of a Labour victory at the forthcoming election.

But no, its an attempt to denigrate Gordon Brown and help the tories in their election campaign. You can judge its veracity by the fact that Peter Watt is the man who assured me personally in September 2005 that the Labour Party's finances had never been in a better position - shortly before doubling the cost of membership.

Party members are entitled to expect better from those who have had the honour to be Cabinet Ministers, NEC members, MPs etc - instead we have been badly let down this week.

Loyalty and solidarity built this Party........lets see a bit more of it this week.

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