Tuesday, September 22, 2009

They'll want Blood Next

I remember someone saying to me when I was a kid that the Blood Transfusion Service is the closest thing we have to Socialism in practice.

People who can give it to the NHS for free and then it is there for anyone who needs it for free.

Giving a pint of blood doesn't take long - about 3/4 of an hour - and you soon make it up. You can give a pint every three months and they are always on the lookout for new donors.

I've now discovered a new way of donating - it's by giving platelets. They take the blood out of you - remove the platelets, which are the important bit and then put it back into you. It takes about an hour but as they put the blood back into you, you can go monthly.

I said earlier that you do it for free but in fact you get loads of tea, Chocolate biscuits and they even have Tuc Biscuits - which I never see anywhere else nowadays.

For more information go online or ring 0845 7711711. Anyone in Manchester who wants to know more about giving blood in Manchester just ring me on 07880 790182.

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