Sunday, July 20, 2008


The East Midlands Conference was held on Saturday in Nottingham at the university. I missed the morning fringe events on “Winning with women” and “Young Labour” (and the lunch) but got there for the policy debates. It was good to see a good number of the local MPs there including Gillian Merron from Lincoln, John Heppel from Nottingham, Paddy Tipping – Sherwood, Vernon Coaker from Gedling and Phil Hope from Corby. There was also a session with Ed Miliband

The East Midlands is an often a neglected part of England but politically its full of marginal seats and as the part of the country with the biggest manufacturing sector its crucial that we do well here.

The evening reception was hosted by Glenis Willmott and addressed my Margaret Beckett MP. There is a good group of young organisers in the region with a big responsibility on their shoulders and they take their work seriously.

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