Thursday, July 24, 2008


The July NEC was a busy one with reports from Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and Harriet Harmon.

Gordon concentrated on the need for a Labour Government to meet the needs of the economic difficulties caused by the international economic position. Many of our current difficulties - the credit crunch, Northern Rock etc have been caused by unrestrained free market economics and our job is to protect people from the consequences and ensure the burden is spread fairly.

His message was reiterated by Alistair Darling who outlined the causes of the current difficulties and our record in building an economy which can withstand these strains.

The Party's annual accounts have been signed off with £2m of loans being paid off. The situation is still critical and we are having to cut expenditure wherever possible - hence no Spring Conference next year. I made the point that in the absence of a spring conference we needed a stand alone Local Government Conference.

We had a full report on the Glasgow East By-election campaign and preparations for the European Elections and annual conference.

All in all a very businesslike meeting - in line with the current financial strategies there were no sandwiches served at the meeting - hunger certainly concentrates the mind after 4 hours.

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