Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring conference - how was it for you?

Bit of a rush getting down to Birmingham - best laid plans go astray as a rush job came up at work but all successfully done.

Spring conference is a good opportunity to meet up with party members from all over the country and discuss how they see things.

The turn out for the Saturday morning with Gordon Brown was very big and the speech and Q and A session - chaired by Kevin McGuire of the 'Daily Mirror' was very well received.

In the afternoon, we has a coffee meeting with John Denham MP, where members of the Education Policy commission discussed our priorities with him. I then met up with James Purnell MP discussing some issues affecting employment rights.

All reports say the members enjoyed the conference with the European events being particularly well attended.

On Saturday evening I went to a well attended fringe meeting of the Black and Minority ehtnic group and it was good to meet a lot of old friends there.

Birmingham was a good venue for the conference and I am informed we had a conference in Birmingham 10 years ago and it looks as it it’s changed a bit since then.

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