Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NEC Business

On Monday 10th March, we finally selected a new General Secretary. We had three good candidates to choose from and it was by no means an easy choice.

In the end we selected David Pitt-Watson, a former Assistant General Secretary of the Party and Councillor in Westminster during the Shirley Porter years. David has a massive task in front of him and its crucial we all get behind him to help build the sort of party we need.

Womens, Race, Equality Committee
The meeting was held on Tuesday morning and we considered reports on activities at the Spring Conference and progress relating to Parliamentary Selections.
We also heard from Steve Timms M.P., who is the Party Vice Chair for relations with faith groups. He described some of the work the party is doing with various faith groups in the country which is vital.

At the Disputes Committee we considered a number of individual cases and we then moved on to the Organisation Committee. We agreed to commence the selection procedure, in Northampton South (open selection), South Derbyshire (open), Birmingham Yardley (All Women Shortlists). 85% of seats now have a candidate and 50 of the remaining 92 selections are under way.

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