Monday, January 14, 2008


The one thing we've learnt in campaigning in Salford is the importance of getting in touch with people moving into the area in the new flats and apartments.

We've had literally thousands built and they are populated by younger people often without fixed voting patterns and often new to the area.

It can be daunting trying to work out how to get in to leaflet and canvass and the easy answer is to ignore them - that's the wrong answer. Whatever it takes we have to find ways of getting our message to the people in these blocks. It's vital because when we get in we often find people who are being short-changed by management agencies desperate to squeeze every penny they can out of their contracts - whether its on maintenance security, car-parking or a wide range of other issues. In one block recently tenants / leaseholders received two days notice that they would have to pay £130.00 per month for car-parking. As on street parking its impossible on town centres - this was effectively saying pay us £500.00 of get rid of your car.

Labour Councillors and candidates can play a vital role in fighting on these issues and convincing people Labour makes a difference.

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