Monday, January 14, 2008


Well Christmas and the New Year are over and its back to work for most of us. Its going to be a crucial year for the Party (aren't they all!)

We need to get over the bumpy period at the end of last year and concentrate on governing well as a minimum.

We need to do more than that though, the leadership has to provide real inspiration for members. Members and supporters are looking for delivery on policies which tackle the real problems facing ordinary people - economic change and globalisation, access to decent housing, crime and anti-social behaviour and climate change.

In short we need to make clear how we are building a fairer and more prosperous twenty-first century Britain where the prosperity is shared throughout the community. That's what the Labour movement has always existed for and we need to continually remember that. If we get it right we can end the year in a strong position to win any General Election - and we'll have a better Britain into the bargain! Happy 2008.

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