Tuesday, October 09, 2007

General Election

Driving back from Devon I catch the news on the radio - no General Election. It was clearly a difficult decision but also clearly the right one. It's been clear talking to members and supporters that people didn't see the need for an election - we've got up to two and a half years to carry on implementing Labour policies and people want to see us carry on governing.

There will be some fall out from the media but it won't last long. They have the attention span of a goldfish! As for the Tories - Cameron is fooling no-one - the last thing he wanted was a general Election.

It has given us some useful ideas about the state of party organisation and its important we learn from them. Although it looks like an election will be 2009 at the earliest we need to ensure we are operating at full pitch in the marginal seats from now until then.

If any members have comments on the state of our organisation in the country I'd be glad to receive them.

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