Sunday, September 30, 2007


On Friday I raced down to South Wales to give an NEC report to the Pontypridd General Committee. It was a long drive but well worth it as the party in Pontypridd is clearly a strong active one. We had a good discussion about a wide range of issues form tuition fees, economic inequality, devolution and the workings of the party.

Jane Davidson, the Assembly member, was also there and it was interesting to hear how the Assembly works in practice.

As Wales were playing Australia in Cardiff the next day, there wasn't a B&B to be had in town and I was faced with a four hour drive back home but Hayden Jones, the Party Chair stepped into the breach with the offer of a bed for the night and a couple of pints in his club.

We had a good night - the club was amazing. Downstairs a normal Working Mens Club - upstairs a Rock Club run by Gaynor from the Club Committee. It was different seeing g a rock band from New York drawing the raffle! A real example of Club adapting to meet the needs of the Community.

Anyways thanks a lot Haydn - you're a great host (and cook as well!)

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