Saturday, May 12, 2007


It must have been heartbreaking for the party in Scotland to have been written off and vilified by our opposition in the media - fought back so hard and then just being beat by one seat by the SNP as largest party.

Obviously there's a lot of serious negotiating to do to determine the future at Holyrood over the next four years. Two key points stand out from this election: even under proportional representation the far left couldn't get anyone elected - the SSP / Solidarity managed zero between them. Just in case anyone needs reminding the alternative to Labour in Britain is not the far left - its the right.

The arguments that proportional representation lead to the end of votes being "wasted" look a bit lame when 100,000 and have been quite literally binned! The fact that we now only control two Councils in Scotland is no reflection on our members and Councillors. It’s the adoption of proportional representation which gave these Councils away.

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