Saturday, May 12, 2007

North West

Across the North West as a whole, we lost 52 Councillors - 42 in the Councils having all out elections.

On Merseyside the results in Liverpool were again very good with four gains (and one loss) and we gained a seat in Sefton and in Wirral. Still no Tory Councillors in Liverpool.

In Chester the Tories gained control but largely as a result of the Liberal Democrats losing heavily.

It was sad to see the Tories gaining Blackpool and South Ribble but I know we'll be bouncing back in these seats.

Congratulations to Burnley where three of the four defending BNP Councillors were defeated - one on the toss of a coin which shows the importance of working till then end. (unhappily I hear the BNP did gain one in Burnley - so the fight goes on).

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