Sunday, November 12, 2006

Membership - the 1,000 club

I’ve had some good response to the Membership 1000 Club – the idea that 100 of us will pledge to get 10 members each over the next year.

Hazel Blears is very keen to help and the party apparatus is there to support but I’m keen to ensure it remains a member led initiative.

So – here’s the plan:

I’ll circulate an appeal for volunteers in my NEC reports and see if the party will also circulate details.
I’ll collect these details on a circulation list and let people know how it’s going.
We’ll start recruiting seriously as of January - though start now if you want.
There’ll be some sort of prize for the best recruiter – either most or most imaginative.

So, if you want to volunteer just post a comment. My site is linked to the Labour Party site and people can join on-line or you can download forms.
Happy recruiting!

To join online please visit:

Usdaw members can join Labour FREE for the first and thereafter £12 per year (when joining by Direct Debit). For more information please visit:

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