Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bury South CLP

Spoke at a meeting of the Bury South General Committee. A good meeting with a wide range of views exposed. Bury is one of those areas with a marginal council and both parliamentary seats marginal.

Its good to report that the party is still alive and kicking with a frightening amount of work going on in the run up to the local elections.

Two points that really emerged were how important members feel the environment is and the hostility people felt to the Labour Party magazine. That took me by surprise and if its not just a Bury thing the NEC needs to look at how we communicate.

Went for a pint afterwards with Warren - an ex-Councillor who works for Ivan Lewis MP. Warren has 2 main interests in life - the Party and Bury FC. So he'll have been happy about the replay against Weymouth - Bury won 4-3 after being behind 3 times. I hope City don’t get then in the cup.

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