Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Membership – A New 1000 Club

We need more members, we all know that but we need to actually do something about it.

We all know if every party member recruited another member we'd double our membership but that sort of thing never seems to work in practice.

Yet we know if we actually ask people we know to join they often will.

So here's a plan, why don't 100 of us agree to recruit 10 members over the coming year. 1000 new members won't change the world but it will be a part of rebuilding the party. You don't need to be a mad anorak to do it - just prepared to work out which of the people you know might join or stand your ground for Labour when the discussion moves to politics.

People can join on the party's website at:

If you want to join the 1000 club and agree to recruit 10 members in the next year please leave me a message.

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