Saturday, October 21, 2006


As you know the party is strapped for cash and the only people it can really rely on are party members and Trades Unionists.

We’ve all got a part to play if we’re not to be outgunned by the Tories so by hook or by crook I’m going to raise £10,000.

You can help – below is a list of Rugby League programmes / magazines I’ve accumulated over the last 40 years. If you see any you fancy just make me an offer (you’ll also be helping de-clutter my flat.) Football programmes to follow – but not the city ones.

1954 World Cup Official Souvenir Programme

Rugby League Gazette: 19/8/50, 30/9/50, 13/10/50, 10/11/50, 24/11/50, 22/12/50, 5/1/51, 19/1/51, Oct 1949, Nov 1949, Dec 1949, April 1950, July 1950

Rugby League in story and pictures by Frank Edwards: 1950

Wakefield Trinity v Salford Rugby League Cup first round, second leg 1951

Salford v Wigan 10/4/50 Unofficial photographic souvenir programme

Challenge Cup Final 1967: Barrow v Featherstone
Challenge Cup Final 1969: Castleford v Salford

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