Monday, January 24, 2011

Salford and EcclesTrade Union Forum

Over the coming years as we face the reality of a Tory Government-cut, cut and cut again!- it is vital that we strengthen the links between the Labour Party and the Trade Union movement.

At a national level those links are close and strong but at a local level they have often been allowed to drift. In Salford and Eccles we are determined to reverse that trend.

We are setting up a Trade Union Forum tobring together party members and trades unionists who want to build better local links, discussing how to support local and national campaigns and how to build support for Labour amongst local trade union members.

Our first meeting will be on Thursday 10th Feb


Kings Arms,

Bloom St.


M3 6AN

and our speaker will be Carl Webb Regional Secretary of the Commuications Workers Union.

Carl will be outlining the camaign against the privatsation of the Royal Mail.

All Labour supporters welcome- for more info phone Peter Wheeler on 07880 790182 or E-Mail:

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