Thursday, September 09, 2010

"...and the winner is"

The results are in for the "Daily Mirror" Con Dem slogan competition, run by Kevin Maguire. The Five prize winners each get ten(yes,Ten) of my "Don't blame me, I voted Labour" badges so the word is being spread.

Kevin's five winners were: Kay Hunter-Lincoln "Cams panto horse-Cleggs bum steer"

:Steven Fyles-Wakefield "Some Cons, Some Dems, No Hope"

:Colin Porter-Blackpool "Cameron and Clegg-Muppet and puppet"

:Michael Betteridge-Hastings "You've never had it so bad"

:Beth Spruce -Kelsall "The Toff and the Turncoat"

I am tempted to give a prize for the most imaginative use of the Badges!

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