Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Leadership Hustings

Travelling around the country and discussing things with members its clear that there is a real desire for discussion about where we are going and the leadership election.

Members want to meet the candidates and hear their opinions. They want to meet them in the flesh. Thats why I have been pressing for at least one official hustings in each region- its the least the members can expect!

To be honest though, even that wouldn't really be enough. Regions can be very big things. Its a long way from Exeter to Bristol or Aberdeen to Glasgow.

Thats why I have written to all candidates encouraging them to get round the country as much as possible. Members want to meet the candidates and have written to me saying so. Thats why I thought it would be a good idea to put the members in touch with the candidates. I have offerred to put any candidate in touch with members in towns up and down the country who are desperate to meet them.

I have also asked the party nationally to make a DVD of one of the debates-allowing party members to organise showings.

The lesson of this selection is that there is areal desire for proper political debate within the Party

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