Monday, August 04, 2008

Poulton Le Fylde

With Warwick out of the way I was at Poulton (near Fleetwood) on Tuesday to give an NEC report and hear from members as to their views of the current state of affairs.

There was a very good turn-out and the considered way members approached issues, would put up some of our more excitable MPs to shame!!

The clear message I got was that there is no desire for a leadership election; we need to concentrate on the politics. And politically it’s precisely at a time like this that the case for policies which tackle unrestrained free market economics can be made. Regulating the financial market. Taking action to stop repossessions.

Standing up to the utility companies and big corporations, taxing their excessive profits. People know that in difficult economic times we need to ensure the burden is spread fairly and that’s a road Cameron can’t follow us down.

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